Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing & Red Team

When the time comes for your organization to finally test your information security, you don’t want to trust that testing to just anyone. You’ve spent months and years putting a mature security program in place, and it’s time to call in the experts. You’ll want the expertise and knowledge that only comes from practical experience, in tough environments. That’s where Peak Security can help.

We have past clients in the Federal world, the Department of Defense, Healthcare, Education, Finance, Entertainment, and Communications. And while we’d like to brag more about who our clients are, that’s a conversation best left to a phone call.

What’s the difference between Penetration Testing and Red Teaming?

A penetration test (or Pen Test, for short) consists of security testing that is known to a number of individuals at the organization. In other words, we’re not necessarily trying to keep this completely secret. Our goal is still to “break in” to the organization’s assets, by simulating a real world attacker, but there are usually multiple people who will need to know about the testing, before, during, and after it’s conducted.

A Red Team, on the other hand, tends to be kept quiet. Only 1-2 people are normally “in the know” about this activity. And whereas activities like social engineering, email phishing, and web drive bys may be out of bounds for a penetration test, they’re all fair game in a red team. We really take the simulation of your adversary to the next level during this type of testing, including the creation of custom zero day exploits, and targeted social attacks to see if we can get into your most precious of informational assets.