Real World Security: Attack, Defend, & Repel

Finally! This is the course on Information Security you’ve been searching for! “Real World Security: Attack, Defend, & Repel” is a complete simulation that will not only test your existing skills, but provide you with a real life scenario where you can learn valuable new skills. Whether you work in incident response, active detection and defense, security evaluations, or penetration testing; this course will give you that incredibly rare opportunity to put it all to the test, and learn BOTH sides of the house. The war is coming, and this time it’s digital. Will you be ready?

And imagine learning all this in a "LAN Game" type environment! If you've played Team Fortress, Unreal Tournament, Quake, HALO, Deathmatch games, or any number of other Battlefield type games, then you've got a better understanding of how this course will work. But instead of running around in graphical battlefields, you'll be competing across the network. Two teams, two companies... each with their own agenda. Winning is paramount, and losing is NOT an option.


  • All your training, your knowledge, and your skills are about to be tested. You find yourself facing an unknown opponent, whose objectives are a mystery. All you know is that you’ve been targeted. Using your experience as a security expert, you'll need every tool and tidbit of knowledge you have to protect your company. Are there multiple opponents? What are they trying to get at? Have you already been pwned? Where are they? Can you trace their movements and figure out what they’re trying to get at?
  • On the defense side, you’ll have multiple goals: Detect the attacks, locate the intruders, discover the attacker’s objectives, track the attackers, and lock them out…. if you can. You’ll need to respond appropriately, efficiently, and quickly if you’re going to win this war and save your network.


  • You’re the best there is, trained and educated as a hacker. You know how to attack; and when the target has been identified, you latch on like a pit bull. The game plan is all in your head; start slow, avoid detection, get a foot hold. You don’t need expensive commercial tools, what isn’t already public, you can write on your own using free compilers. Windows or Linux, it makes no difference to you.
  • Now you’ve been hired for your biggest target yet, and there’s no way you’re going to miss this opportunity. The money may be good, but this is your greatest challenge, yet. Break in, without detection, and get your foot hold. Move around the network, escalate your privileges, and gain access to the information you’ve been hired to steal. You don’t know what it is yet, or where it is; but you DO know that you will NOT fail.


“Real World Security: Attack, Defend, & Repel” attempts to challenge and motivate information security professionals to hone the knowledge and skills they already have, and also to learn “the other side”, as well. The class will be split into two halves, attackers and defenders. On the second day, those two teams will trade sides, allowing every student the opportunity to learn both sides and work with all instructors.

Because of the way this course works, it’s suitable for all levels of students. The scenarios and exercises are instructor chosen and lead, and will escalate in tiers of difficulty as the course progresses. What may begin as a simple defense will evolve into something more complicated, based on the scenario.

As is true in the real world, you’ll be forced to do your job under the restrictions of your company “Boss”. Your boss will assign you a specific goal that you need to achieve by the end of the 4th scenario. You'll gather more information about the target, and your own company, as you move through each scenario. In some cases, you may be lucky enough to find new tools to add to your arsenal as you work through each scenario.

The Back Story:

"Clash of the Titans"

The year is 2050 and the United States Government has lost control of it's contractors. Technology has continued to grow and the Government simply can't afford to man its projects with the best and brightest. The contracting firms have stepped up and slowly taken control of all Federal projects, leading to a conflict between the two largest prime contractors, Deckard Enterprises and The Rapture Corporation.

Deckard Enterprises was founded in 1970 by Roy Batty, primarily to support Department of Defense projects. The company grew slowly, accumulating wealth and power along the way. Numerous smaller organizations were swallowed up over the years by the growing behemoth. Roy Sr died in 2011, leaving the privately held organization in the hands of his son, Roy Jr. RJ, as he's called by his immediate staff wants to continue the legacy of the company, and has taken steps to remove any perceived competition, by whatever means required. RJ Jr. created a secret team of computer and network experts, that he wields as a sledgehammer against those organizations daft enough to deny him what he desires.

The Rapture Corporation was founded in 2021 by twenty something Gabriel Covenant. After graduating from college at an early age, Gabriel started The Rapture Corporation as a Government contractor, hoping to get into Weapons Research and Development. Because Gabriel was able to hire the best, youngest talent, Rapture grew quickly and became a huge force in the contracting world. In 2042, a failed attempt at a hostile takeover by Deckard Enterprises forced Gabriel to create a task force specifically aimed at protecting Rapture Corp. assets and information.